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The Modified Multiplier of the Simple Endoscopic Score for Crohn's Disease (MM-SES-CD)

As featured in Gut (, the modified multiplier of the SES-CD (MM-SES-CD) is a scoring tool which takes into consideration prognostic value of individual endoscopic features for achieving endoscopic remission (ER) while on active therapy.

The MM-SES-CD applies differential weighting of features such as baseline ulcer size, extent of ulceration, and presence of non-passable strictures, as these have been shown to have a strong association with one-year ER.

The MM-SES-CD was significantly more accurate than the original SES-CD scoring approach for predicting the achievement of ER (comparison of AUCs on a training cohort for MM-SES-CD vs. original SES-CD p=0.0052).

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