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patient resources

Here are some common recommended reputable sites where you can learn more about your IBD:

1.       Crohn’s colitis Canada:

2.       Canadian digestive health foundation:

3.       Canadian society of intestinal research:

4.       Trusted Therapies:

5.       Crohn’s colitis UK:

6.       Crohn’s colitis foundation of America:

7.       European Federation of Crohn's & Ulcerative Colitis Associations:

8.       Mayo clinic:

9.       IBD Passport - Travel Resource: 

10.     COVID-19 vaccination:

Recommended readings for new patients:

Commonly Asked Questions, Answered By Our Gastroenterologists:

Dr. Neeraj Narula provides his insights on whether IBD patients should take the COVID-19 vaccine (published March 2021)

Dr. Neeraj Narula discusses biosimilar switch policies in Canada (published February 2022)

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